Mogu Chair

“Looks like something coming from another planet, the shape is endearing and unique, good job” -Dezeen comment

mogu-chair-ma-yansong-sawaya-and-moroni-furniture-milan-design-week_dezeen_hero-1 (1)I am trying hard not to let me aesthetic preference for blobs win out on this one- but you have to admit, from a purely visual perspective, they look very interesting and very unique. The shapes are meant to be clumped together like fungi (muogu is “mushroom” in Chinese) and they do indeed go well together. Originally designed as a prototype for a public art installation, I imagine the benches would make an exciting impact in whatever space they occupy, indoor or outdoor. I do like the idea that the benches are meant to live somewhere between public furniture and sculpture.

mogu-chair-ma-yansong-sawaya-and-moroni-furniture-milan-design-week_dezeen_2364_col_6-852x555Which brings me to its function, as an actual piece of furniture: I am having a harder time imagining where/how to sit on the bench. It would be slippery to sit on, no?

Ma Yansong says that the surfaces of the benches “form an organic landscape that allows people to respond with their bodies and encourage a variety of social interactions…”

I think I would enjoy sitting right in the middle and feeling like I’m in a sea of space fungi-blobs. Fun!!!


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