Perez Art Museum, Miami

I recently visited the Perez Art Museum in Miami. The museum, designed by Herzog and de Meuron, had a beautiful large entrance deck with wood paneling to provide shade, lounge chairs scattered nicely, and hanging plants lending a sense of scale and drama.. all these things together made the deck a great public space, just very striking  to visit and the design features made it comfortable all around.  But I really enjoyed the the parking garage in particular, perhaps because the experience of parking is generally not thought of as especially pleasant.

The open-air parking garage is on the ground level, with stairs leading up to the museum which sits above the surrounding bay. The smooth concrete combined with the naturally sunny landscape made it feel clean, open and comfortable. The openings of the garage were positioned to offer windows of the surrounding plant life. The natural textures of these plants, next to the smooth concrete, made it feel especially nice. I felt surrounded by the best of Miami sunlight and diverse plant life, even though I was in a parking garage.

perez (2 of 1).jpg

perez (3 of 1).jpg

The openings brought in the outside plant life, and the light filling up the concrete space made it one of the nicest parking experiences I’ve ever had. Such a pleasant view with a hint of blue sky.

perez (1 of 1).jpg


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