Art for Play

Hakone, small town in the mountains, is home to one of the most beautiful and impressive open air museums I’ve experienced. Truly impactful to see such large whimsical sculptures in the mountain air. I cannot put into words how it felt to stand in the middle of that incredible collection of sculptures, while feeling the openness of the mountain landscape around me. Utter happiness and delight and wonder and awe.


And there were so many places for children to play. The egg benches were possibly one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Anything egg-related makes me filled with happiness, and combined with the kids’ excitement, I stayed there for a long time, just soaking it all in. All the kids loved them so much and they kept singing, “Gudetama, Gudetama,” (the little Japanese egg guy that Sanrio created) while they were playing. So wonderful…

hakone (3 of 1)
hakone (4 of 1)

I love that a museum like this would be such an incredible space to experience art at such a grand scale, but every part of the experience had a playfulness and lightness to it. It was such an experience to walk around surrounded by such beauty. Seeing many of the art objects at play, with such joy, just heightened the entire experience.

hakone (1 of 1)


hakone (2 of 1)

Curved Space Diamond Structure, Peter Pearce





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