HAO Design, Kaohsiung City
All images by hey! cheese


Let’s just start with the fact that this apartment by HAO Design is a total dream complete with peeking plants, beanbag chairs, warm wooden features- all things that I can’t resist. The space is really designed with living and comfort in mind, which is apparent in the details such as the long kitchen table, the chalkboard, the storage in the kitchen.



HAO-design-studio-the-family-playground-interiors-taiwan-designboom-06 (1)

And yes, this apartment has a slide + swing in the main living area. Admittedly there was some skepticism, my first thought being, ‘what happens when the girl grows up’? But surroundings play an enormous role in how we feel and how we act. And I think the living room’s vibe is just so much more cozy and happy with a slide in it.  Regardless if they are used or not, I would imagine it to be a daily reminder to be playful and lighthearted, with the spirit of a child.



HAO-design-studio-the-family-playground-interiors-taiwan-designboom-05Not to mention the slide is beautiful in its own right, and the use of space behind it as a play nook is anyone’s dream, kid or adult.

I’ve been thinking about how distracted and strange I feel from always looking at my phone or a computer, which may be why I am especially drawn to this design decision. Something as simple and lovely as a slide, where the only thing to do is to enjoy the ride.


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