Penda, Home Café, Beijing China

This left me speechless. So many adjectives are coming to mind, among them Genius, Incredible, Beautiful, Thoughtful, oh and maybe Perfect. Penda, an architectural collective, designed this modular system to use throughout Home Café branches in China. They have taken the concept of a static wall and pushed it so far beyond what I’ve seen others do (add shelving, put a bench along it, bookshelves, etc etc) to the most dynamic, living, breathing part of the space. Putting books, lighting, and plants -my favorite things- into one structure is so amazing. And to use that structure to create spaces that create such atmospheric delight. Home_Cafes_by_Penda_dezeen_784_2Home_Cafes_by_Penda_dezeen_784_3

This see-through wall is incredible.


The frames can be used to create many different spaces within the cafe of varying privacy, such as the possibility of special corner nooks like this below. ~~*heart-eyes emoji*~~
The metal wire structure holds planters of different sizes, boxes filled with books, and cube lights. They can be filled to different capacities that affect the density of the wall. Which, in turn, totally affects how closed or open you feel in a particular space.
And the diagram below and how it changes over time- that’s a lesson in gooood diagram design right there. How plants, living matter, change over time is important, but usually not included in the design overview. And the plants and herbs themselves are selected to purify the air and “complement the smell of brewing coffee”. Top.
And it’s in BEIJING!!!!!!! SO proud. I look at a lot of architectural interiors but this is one that made me stop in my tracks and think about it. I will think about this for a while. The very top of my list when it comes to my inspiration for the cafe/plant/book/music/event dreamy space that I will open someday.

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