My one post on all the fashion weeks- I can’t profess to have followed them in great detail, but based on my intel from my Instagram feed, I was more interested in what the bloggers were wearing than the shows themselves. I still haven’t been able to be as enthralled by collections in general because they seem so abstract and out of reach, whereas street style remains exciting to look at, but has that attainable cool. And it’s all about being cool (while staying warm), ya know.

Qith the arctic blast that has been dominating everyone for the past month or so, the freezing temps in NYC during its fashion week manifested itself in layers on layers on layers. Look at Jayne Min, the first person that truly exemplified cool style to me, and everything about her blog/social media is hilarious. And she looks so warm.

Street Style - Day 4 - New York Fashion Week Fall 2015

Side note on her: When I found her blog about a year ago, it was the first time that I thought- everything about this, about her, is cool. From the clothes, the attitude, the humor, blatant weirdness. Not just pretty or fashionable. And probably what affected me most was the fact that I look like her (or, hope to). It made me sit up and say, this is what I can aspire to look like and act like.

Sorry for gushing, but not a lot of Asian-American faces I saw growing up in American popular culture so thank you Jayne for blowing my socks off. And even, just for a second, for making me consider getting a Pomeranian.


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