Clothes = Chairs = Temples for the Body

This new move from Alexander Wang is everything. All black, sleek, cool. Repeat this three times every day when you wake up in the morning and you will be a better person for it. I am now using this as my mantra for how to style my life.


And look at the man! Sometimes I walk down the street and see a stylish Asian man or woman walking down the street, looking so put together, so beautiful, like they are literally the coolest shit in the world. Somehow, they are able to reach astronomical levels of coolness which makes me drool/stare in awe as they walk by. This man would probably make me do everything aforementioned plus fall over if I saw him on the street, even if I didn’t know who he was. I can just see his a u r a.

Anyway, how did A.W. go and perfectly design these babes? Yes, it took him two years (partnering with Poltrona Frau, an Italian leather furniture maker) but look how incredible they are. I guess it just boils down to the simple mathematical equation that I just came up with which goes like : Clothes = Temples for the Body, Chairs = Temples for the Body, Therefore Clothes = Chairs. It makes sense.
As far as I’m concerned they were destined to be on this earth so I am happy. I have an endearing and unexplainable love for everything bean and egg shaped. I also have a not so secret desire to fill my future home with things like this and this and yes, maybe even this so thank you Alex for making my dreams become actually stylish. This is a bean bag chair. BEAN bag. So…… this. This is it.





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